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Advantage Plus Marketing Program

Tailored Marketing Strategy for Your Shop:

Before we dive in, you’ll have a dedicated meeting with our marketing leaders. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. We want to understand what makes your shop tick! Here’s what we’ll discuss:

  • Your Past Successes: Tell us about your past marketing efforts. What strategies have worked well for you in attracting new customers? What haven’t you had as much success with?
  • Your Vision for Growth: Where do you see your shop in the next few years? What type of customer base are you looking to expand? Increased foot traffic? Higher-value repairs?
  • Defining Success: What does “success” look like for you? Is it a specific increase in regional market share? More brand awareness in your area? Higher sales of specific Alliant Power product lines?

By understanding your unique goals, target audience, and definition of success, we can craft a collaborative marketing strategy that aligns perfectly with your vision. We’ll leverage our expertise and your local market knowledge to create a plan that drives real results for your shop.

Branding Package

Elevate your shop’s professional image with the Advantage Plus branding package, which includes an Alliant Power metal sign for a prominent building display, a bold banner to grab attention, and window/door decals in two sizes to ensure maximum visibility. Plus, two branded mousepads and a counter mat create a cohesive brand experience for your customers.

Website Support

Our team of digital marketing experts will conduct a comprehensive website audit. This audit goes beyond the surface, analyzing key areas like:

  • We’ll identify opportunities to improve your website’s ranking in search results, driving more qualified traffic to your shop.
  • We’ll access your website is easy to navigate and find information. Our audit will assess user-friendliness to ensure a positive customer experience.
  • We’ll check if your website is optimized for mobile browsing, ensuring you capture every potential lead.

Based on the audit findings, our team can offer personalized recommendations and support to help you optimize your website for increased leads and sales.

Social Media (Facebook)

The Alliant Power Advantage Plus program elevates your brand beyond your shop walls. As a valued member, you’ll receive a customized “Customer Spotlight” Facebook post. This is your chance to reach a wider audience and showcase what makes your shop unique!

Access to Assets/Artwork

Elevate your marketing efforts with access to our extensive image library. This library contains professional, high-resolution images of Alliant Power products, allowing you to create visually appealing marketing materials that resonate with your target audience.

By leveraging these pre-made assets, you can save valuable time and resources. No need to reinvent the wheel! Simply customize the materials to fit your local market and branding, and you’ll have professional-looking marketing campaigns up and running in no time.


The Alliant Power Advantage Plus program goes beyond just in-shop benefits. We equip you with a robust suite of advertising tools to supercharge your customer acquisition efforts and dominate your local market.

Here’s how you’ll leverage the power of targeted advertising:

  • Laser-Focused Social Media Ads: Our experts will craft one (1) targeted social media ad campaign to reach your ideal customers
  • Targeted Email Campaign: Engage with potential customers directly through a custom-designed email campaign.
  • Lead Generation Machine: We’ll work with you to create a powerful lead generation campaign, strategically designed to capture valuable customer information. (Think online forms, special offers, or contests that entice potential customers to connect with your shop).
  • Eye-Catching Design Advantage: Receive five (5) hours of complimentary graphic design services from our design team. Whether it’s social media graphics, email flyers, or promotional materials, our expertise will help you create professional, attention-grabbing visuals that elevate your brand.
  • Get Seen First! Enjoy a premier call-out on the Alliant Power Parts and Service Locator. This means your shop will be prominently displayed to customers searching for authorized service providers in your area.

Example of a social media ad (Facebook):

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