Alliant Power Diagnostic Tools

Alliant Power is pleased to offer 12 OEM diagnostic tool packages. These packages range from individual OEM diagnostic hardware and software kits up to complete diagnostic tool kits covering all Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep applications with your choice of two fully rugged computers.


  • Genuine OEM Diagnostic Hardware, Software, and Licensing
  • 12 Part Numbers to Match Your Diagnostic Needs
  • Two Fully Rugged Computer Options Offering Superior Performance and Durability
  • First Year Software License(s) Included
  • Annual Software License Renewals also Available Separately
  • Complete Coverage of Ford, GM, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep Vehicles

Sales Flyer

APDT0316 - Alliant Power Diagnostic Tools (pdf, 2.04 MB)

Product Announcements

NPA 65/15 - Alliant Power Diagnostic Tools (pdf, 445KB)
NPA 66/15 - Alliant Power Ford Diagnostic Tools (pdf, 411KB)
NPA 67/15 - Alliant Power GM Diagnostic Tools (pdf, 462KB)
NPA 68/15 - Alliant Power Chrysler Diagnostic Tools (pdf, 411KB)
NPA 69/15 - Alliant Power Diagnostic Tool Licenses and Subscriptions (pdf, 56KB)

Technical Bulletins

APTB 15/15 - Diagnostic Tool Registration (pdf, 856KB)
APTB 16/15 - GDS2 Supported Vehicles (pdf, 363KB)
APTB 01/16 Scan Tool Touch Screen Calibration (pdf, 320KB)
APTB 02/16 Scan Tool Text and Icon Size Changes (pdf, 240KB)
APTB 06/16 WiTech Supported Vehicles (pdf, 202KB)
APTB 07/16 GM Service Programming Discussion (pdf, 221KB)


To learn more about our diagnostic tool packages click on the video links below.