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Diesel Components

At Alliant Power, we are committed to providing customers with unparalleled access to the best diesel engine solutions nationwide. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Diesel Components, a leading supplier of diesel engine parts and services with a rich history dating back to 1977. Their extensive inventory, in-house rebuilding capabilities, and dedication to customer service perfectly align with our own values. This partnership will further strengthen our ability to offer a comprehensive selection of top-quality parts and expert support to diesel owners and operators throughout North America.

670 E Travelers Trail #105
Burnsville, MN

A family-owned business with a rich history, Diesel Components has been a leading supplier of diesel engine parts and services for over 45 years. Established in 1977 in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, they began as a regional warehouse distributor and authorized repair facility for turbochargers, quickly gaining recognition for their prompt service, value, and expertise. Their commitment to customer needs fueled their growth, expanding their territory and services.

From Turbochargers to Comprehensive Diesel Solutions

Initially focused on turbochargers for brands like AireSearch, Garrett Turbo, and Schwitzer, Diesel Components responded to customer requests and market demands. They expanded their offerings by:

  • Adding In-House Testing & Rebuilding: They gained authorization and training to test and rebuild diesel fuel injectors and pumps from industry leaders like American Bosch, Roosa Master, and Stanadyne.
  • Expanding Product Lines: Diesel Components continually added more turbocharger and fuel injection brands to better serve their customers.
  • Offering Engine-Related Parts: The warehouse distributor side of the business began providing additional engine parts to support their customer base comprehensively.

An Extensive Inventory for All Your Needs

Diesel Components boasts a vast inventory that goes beyond just turbochargers and fuel injection systems. They offer everything you need to keep your diesel engine running smoothly, including:

  • Air Intake & Filtration: Air filters, fan blades and fan clutches, charge air coolers, and radiators.
  • Engine Components: Engine kits, engine heating equipment, diesel particulate filters.
  • General Maintenance Essentials: Hoses, clamps, and other essential maintenance items.
  • Cooling System Parts: A full range of cooling system parts to keep your engine running cool under pressure.
  • Electrical Components: Batteries, alternators, starters, and wiring harnesses.