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Diesel Technician Recruiting Resources

Build Your Brand, Employee First

For Over 60 years, Alliant Power has evolved from a service center to a nationwide integrator for critical engine components. We know firsthand how crucial it is to employ skilled service technicians for your automotive and diesel businesses.

But let’s be real. Recruiting a technician is not always an easy task. You will have a greater chance of receiving applications if you are upfront and provide details about your shop and position.

Let us assist you in finding the right talent to ensure your success.

Provide all the Details

  • Compensation ranges for all levels
  • Photos of service areas and equipment
  • FAQs on work environment, career development, and hiring process
  • Videos of technicians and manager
Don't be Afraid to Brag. What makes your company a standout?
Competitive Pay
Health Insurance
401k Plan and Match
Paid Time Off
Advancement Opportunities
Work Life Balance
Answer the Why's
What does it mean to be a technician?

Being a technician means you are a specialist in diagnostics and repairs of vehicles. Anyone can replace parts but a technician has the technical expertise, training and knowledge to diagnose and repair vehicles correctly the first time. It is our duty as technicians to keep the world running. Semis, buses, ambulances, farm equipment, and hauling trucks must move when they are called upon or the world will stop. We work for the driver/operator to ensure they get where they need to be safely and on time. When the vehicle is called upon, it must work well. Whether a mother taking her children to school, a school bus full of precious cargo, or an ambulance with no option or time for failure.

Being a professional Service writer is about helping customers with their vehicle repair needs. A writer serves as a mediator between the technician and the customer. They are responsible for interpreting technician expertise and terminology and then documenting and relaying the repair information and the cost associated with the customer. Being a Service Writer, you are a name and the face of the entire service department and business. Explaining the repair, the cost associated and why repairs are recommended, as well as explaining the vehicle systems so anyone could understand, is a challenging but rewarding career

Career advancement in the service industry is endless. With enough time and pressure, everything will break, putting a technician’s career path in a very lucrative and versatile standing. Technician skills can quickly transpose into different industries once base knowledge is acquired. There are opportunities for growth in leadership from Service Technician to Shop Foreman to Service Manager to General Manager. Also, many industry jobs require technical knowledge. Sales, technical support, consulting, training, teaching. Service departments are one of the few careers that can be easily tweaked into different industries with the right attitude and skillset. Using the ability to read electrical/hydraulic schematics and understand the theory of operations, a technician who has learned the ways can repair just about anything with the right literature.

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