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Alliant Power: Keeping the World's Engines Running Strong

We’re passionate about powering the world’s hard-working engines, from the mighty machines that build our infrastructure to the workhorses that keep our farms and businesses running smoothly.

Our Diverse Reach

  • Lightmedium, and heavy-duty engines: We keep passenger trucks, semis, and other commercial vehicles on the road, ensuring timely deliveries and efficient operations.
  • Off-highway engines: From construction sites to quarries and mines, our parts help power the equipment that builds our world.
  • Agricultural engines: Farmers rely on our parts to keep their tractors, combines, and other equipment operating efficiently, ensuring a steady food supply.
  • School bus engines: We supply the critical parts that keep school buses rolling, ensuring our kids get to school safely.
  • Marine engines: We keep boats of all sizes running smoothly, from commercial fishing vessels to leisure craft.

Your One-Stop Shop for Engine Solutions

We offer a comprehensive selection of parts and services to meet your needs, including: