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Preventive Maintenance

One way to ensure your diesel truck stays reliable and runs smoothly is through regular preventive maintenance. Alliant Power, with locations in Windsor, Wisconsin, and Pueblo West, Colorado, is committed to providing first-class preventive maintenance services for your diesel truck.

Why Is Preventive Maintenance Important for Diesel Trucks?

Diesel trucks, especially those used for commercial purposes, are subjected to heavy loads and nature’s wrath. To avoid running into the risk of unexpected downtime or unprecedented repairs, regular preventive maintenance is key. By catching problems early, you can avoid breakdowns and keep your trucks in compliance with DOT regulations.

What Does Our Preventive Maintenance Program Include?

At Alliant Power, we offer preventive maintenance services for light, medium, and heavy-duty diesel trucks. Our comprehensive inspection includes checking fluid levels, inspecting brakes, suspension, and other crucial components, and performing necessary adjustments to ensure everything is working properly.

Engine Maintenance

A well-maintained engine is the heart of a healthy truck. We offer comprehensive engine maintenance services to ensure your vehicle performs at its peak for years to come

Transmission Maintenance

Your truck’s transmission is a workhorse, constantly managing power and keeping you moving. But like any hardworking part, it needs regular care to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs. Our transmission maintenance program is designed to extend the life of your investment and keep your truck on the road.

Brake Maintenance

Your truck’s brakes are the cornerstone of safe operation. We understand the importance of reliable braking performance, and our comprehensive brake maintenance program is designed to keep you stopping safely for miles to come.

Preventative Maintenance Services in Windsor, WI & Pueblo West, CO

Pueblo West, CO
36 N Laser Dr, Pueblo, CO 81007
Mon-Fri 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Windsor, WI
6167 Pepsi Way, Windsor, WI 53598
Mon-Fri 7:30 AM-5:00 PM