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Multi-functional fuel system protection for all-seasons

Alliant Power Ultraguard Fuel Treatment

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Ultraguard Contributes to the Reduction of Emissions

– Restores engine power, torque and fuel economy 4% on average and as high as 12%*
– Increases cetane up to 7 points resulting in: improved engine combustion, faster cold starting and smoother running**
– Cleans/Eliminates internal & external injector deposits
– Eliminates injector “stiction” commonly associated with Common Rail Injectors
– Lubricates fuel system to reduce friction/wear & extend service life
– Helps remove water by demulsification
– Provides Anti-Gel protection. Improves Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP) down to -13°F/-25°C on average and as low as -40°F/-40°C**
– Reduces ice formations of water in fuel
– Stabilizes fuel & protects against gums, varnishes and rust/corrosion
– Helps minimize particulates in exhaust aftertreatment systems (SCR & DPF)