Alliant Power Acquires Everglades Diesel, Expands Marine Footprint

In July 2021, Alliant Power made a significant purchase by acquiring Everglades Diesel Injection Service, Inc (Fort Lauderdale, FL). This strategic acquisition has expanded Alliant Power’s distribution footprint and product range into the marine industry for diesel fuel injection and turbocharger repairs and rebuilds. The Everglades Diesel team will be transitioning to the Alliant Power […]

Alliant Power Offers Complete Kits to Repair Diesel Fuel Systems Damaged by Contamination

AP Fuel Contamination Kits

To run your vehicle smoothly, it needs fuel that is free from contaminants. Contaminated fuel can greatly affect the performance of modern engines, which are designed with tight tolerances. Repairing damage caused by contaminated fuel can be difficult and may require replacing parts rather than just flushing injectors, rails, and pumps. So, it’s important to […]

Essential Facts to Know About Diesel Fuel Contamination

Diesel fuel is not just a substance that aids in internal combustion to power your vehicle – it also acts as a lubricant for the metal components within the fuel injection system and cooling it. This is why it is essential to use good quality fuel free from contamination. Unfortunately, several contaminants can seep into […]